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Joe Chenelly is committed to work for  you, the amazing people of the 135th District, always putting you above party or personal interests. If you have questions not answered below, or you'd like Joe to consider something, please email him directly at

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Allow Judges to Judge

Restore Public Safety in Western New York

I demand the State of New York change its “bail reform” law that took discretion away from judges to hold dangerous criminals. That will take action by the State Legislature.

Assembly Member Jen Lunsford refuses to say what she’ll do about it. She refuses to take a stand. I’m running for State Assembly to take the stand that Lunsford won’t.  To do the work for our residents that she refuses to do. As your Assembly member I’ll work relentlessly to change disastrous State policies that reward criminals and put the innocent at risk.

It’s time to reform the reform.  We have to expand judicial discretion over release decisions, to allow judges to impose conditions like bail on any defendant’s release, whatever the crime, within reasonable guidelines. Most importantly, the law must allow judges to consider public safety and the defendant’s risk of re-offending when considering bail.

Forty-nine other states agree on it.  But not New York and not Jen Lunsford.  

I support it.  The residents of our assembly district support it.  And no one will benefit from it more than residents of the poor and minority communities who are disproportionately victimized by violent crime.

Now, more than ever, we have to put people before partisanship. Keeping people safe from crime is not a partisan issue.  It’s an issue of common humanity.  It’s not a Republican or Democratic thing. Sheriff Todd Baxter, a Democrat, calls for change. Rochester Police Chief David Smith calls for change. But not Jen Lunsford.  

Of the recent shooting of a 3-year old, County Executive Bello, a Democrat, said, and I quote:  “To know that the shooter was a convicted felon who should’ve been in jail, but was out on the streets because he’s somehow still waiting for sentencing; if you’re not outraged, then you are not paying attention.”
And from Jen Lunsford? Silence. Is she not outraged, or just not paying attention?  Either way, it disqualifies her from public office.

Now if anyone tries telling you the crime explosion's coming to the suburbs, they're wrong.  It's not coming.  It's here.   With Lowe's and Home Depot reporting some of their highest shoplifting losses in the country in Penfield, Webster, Macedon, and Victor, it's here.  When big-box retailers in our towns no longer bother reporting shoplifters because they're released immediately under bail reform – and then come back to do it again, it's here.  With two home invasions in Pittsford in the course of a year, it's here.  With multiple carjackings in Perinton and Pittsford, it's here.

To believe that bail reform does not increase crime, you have to believe that someone is no more likely to commit a crime if they know they can’t be held than if they know they can be.  If that’s what you think, your argument’s not with those of us calling for change. Your argument's with human nature.  

Like the Sheriff, the Police Chief, the County Executive, I’m calling for change.  And change begins by removing an incumbent taking up space in a position intended for a functioning Assembly member.  It begins with electing a new member of the State Assembly to pursue that change.  And that’s why I’m running to be Assemblyman for the people of Pittsford, Mendon, Perinton, Penfield and East Rochester. 

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Highest Tax Burden in the Nation

As Inflation continues to soar, now is the time to lower the tax burden

Soaring prices are impacting every aspect of our daily lives. Our state must take meaningful action to ease the extremely heavy tax burden carried by so many in the 135th District - the highest tax rates in the United States.

Joe called for the suspension of state fuel taxes long before the Assembly finally decided to take action. But relief cannot end there. Western New Yorkers need and deserve broad tax cuts, made possible by reduced and wiser spending by our state government. 

Under one-party rule, New York State spends wildly, not at all being a responsible steward of tax payers' money.

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Traffic Jam

Zoning Authority Must Remain Local

A win by the incumbent will be considered a mandate to do away with single-family zoning

Joe will fight relentlessly to stop NYS Democrats' efforts to steal control of local zoning away from every village, town, and city in the state.

The one party controlling all three branches of state government in Albany badly want to end neighborhoods that are only for single-family homes, and they are getting close. Your neighbor could turn their house into an apartment building or put up another entire house on the same property as a multi-unit rental with no minimum lot size requirement and no impact studies.

Should NYS Democrats get their way, conversions of single-family homes into multi-unit buildings would be allowed to occur without local approval -- without impact studies, such as whether public utilities, water, sewer, roads, public safety, and schools are able to handle in the influx in population.

The incumbent will not tell you where she stands. Joe firmly stands against this terrible power grab.

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Improving Your Roads

NYS fails at one of its most basic responsibilities

Nobody spends more than the State of New York, but Albany won't spend it on one of its most basic duties: maintaining the roads.

In every town, the very worst roads are state roads. Town leaders beg the State to maintain them, but NYS takes forever to move.

As State Assemblyman, Joe will demand the State Government attends to its fundamental duties first, including maintaining the roads - both in its operations and budget.

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Your Pro Term Limits Candidate

Joe will self-impose limit

Large majorities of New Yorkers, from the full political spectrum and all walks of life, support the creation of term limits for the Assembly, State Senate, and governor. Yet, incumbents and special interest groups that have bought them, keep term limits from becoming reality.

Corruption runs deep in Albany, as career politicians lose touch with their constituents, becoming self-enriching servants to lobbyists rather than voters.

Joe strongly believes term limits can be a key to curbing political corruption and move our state forward with fresh perspectives and true accountability.

Once elected, Joe will launch a fierce campaign to put a proposition on term limits on the ballot.

And once elected, Joe pledges to self-impose an eight-year limit in the Assembly on himself.

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School Bus & Children


Protecting Parental Rights

A father of five public school and SUNY students, Joe is committed to ensuring our public schools return to teaching our children what they truly need to grow and succeed. Albany has seized more control of our schools from our local levels. Joe will fight to re-empower our local boards of education where parents will have a real role in determining what is happening to and around our children.

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Landfill Management

NYC's Dumping Grounds

Keeping our air, land & water clean

Albany has allowed WNY to become a prime dumping ground for NYS's waste for far too long. Our health and quality of life matters, too. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation ignores our concerns. and our elected representatives in Albany who pledged to address this have not made meaningful impact.

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  • Updated July 21, 2022